Cape Liptrap Corriedale Lamb - Longbottom family farm South Gippsland Victoria.
South Gippsland Cape Liptrap Corriedale Lamb
Cape Liptrap Corriedale Lamb.
Cape Liptrap Corriedale is a family farm run by the Longbottom’s on one of the most southern properties in mainland Australia. With 0ver 1000mm of rain blowing off the southern oceans our sheep freely graze the lush pastures of our South Gippsland farm “Binyara”. The sheep are rotationally grazed and managed in a sustainable way to maintain the health of the animal, pastures and soil, minimising expensive and unsustainable inputs. Since we stopped synthetic fertilizer and commenced the application of lime we have seen the soil health and worm activity explode, making it a healthy place to graze our sheep and cattle. The farm is 30% untouched bush which hasn’t changed for 40,000 years creating great shelter for the live stock and a great haven for trees and native animals which freely roam about the property.
Corriedale is a slow growing robust sheep, naturally resistant to worm attack which reduces the need to drench.  It takes 8 to 11 month to finish our lambs to a 19-22 kg carcase weight. This ensures we have great taste. The lambs live a stress free life as the family do all the jobs on the property including shearing, crutching and lamb marking. When it is time to be processed we take our lambs direct from the farm ourselves to a family owned abattoir “Radford’s” at Warragul where they are processed that day ensuring the meat is tender and stress free.
They are hung for 1 week to further tenderise then cut up at the Family run Koo We Rup butcher and delivered to Melbourne that day.

If you like to know where your food is from and how it is grown then here it is. We take great care in maintaining the high quality of our product, farming practices, animal welfare and our impact on the local environment.  We are a small family business and we use only local family businesses that care.
Clean Green Sustainable Farming
  • Our lambs dress out around 19-22 kg
  • Grass Finished
  • Chemical and hormone free
  • Tender and Stress free ( they are taken straight from the farm to Radford’s at Warragul abattoir, hung for 1 week then butchered at Koo We Rup  all family businesses )
  • Tasty as they are 8-11 month old and a slow growing breed
  • They have a small fat cover and are a lean breed compared to Dorset x lambs
1 lamb consists of 2 leg roasts bone in, 2 shoulder roast bone in, 2 racks, 8 chump chops, 2 shanks, 16 loin chops, 2 flaps, possibly 1 heart
With a 20 kg lamb the price is $12 per kg for the carcase, in the process we lose approximately 1 kg so the cost will be $240 for approximately 19 kg in the carton.
Packaging & Pricing
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Our Corriedale Sheep
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